Wonderland Sleepwalk / Poem by Stone Wood-Tray Wang (Taipei)

Posted on January 26, 2020


Poem by Stone Wood-Tray Wang (Taipei)


Wonderland Sleepwalk

The most beautiful winter is Snow White Baikal Lake.
Ancient poetry it is for the composition,
writing poetry so-called ice and snow edge
Like a blue mirror, looking out of the distance a blue
Endless, this is the poetry of this place thinking about the future.
Hear the ancient call, the legendary land of Suwu Shepherd
Summoning the land of ice and ice, only the unstained heart of Eyre
Smooth entry into Wonderland dreamwalk crystal glass big city such as falling fairy fairy fairy land world
The earth is made of porcelain pottery for immortality, and the crystal glass made of ice and snow is immortalized.
Porcelain pottery due to the bell-milk cave is different from the crystal glass due to water vapor caused the lake
The ancient poetry mind necessary to enter the crystal mirror can show the divine light man.
Unoccupied ice and snow edge can not get the light ah!

A sleeping cat in a chair
Enter the kiln to get the warmth of the god light
I can’t see it after you leave its name in the kiln.
Tsar’s hydrogen bomb is like a black shadow cold
Jumping off the chair from the outside and continuing to turn upside down. Falling dreams is a shock to the soul
The poetry of the future is god light care
New Island and Baikal-sized Lake

  © Stone Wood-Tray Wang’s pen
 January 12 / 2020

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