soaked in wreck / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


soaked in wreck

An old wrecked boat
Thrown on a roaring shore
Heaved a sigh of gut
And remembered stories from lore

The high rough waves
she plowed
The humming of the zealous sailors
she echoed

The storms she fought
By the sea
The lessons she was taught
All the glee she got
All the fish she brought

The families she nourished
The empty nooks she furnished

The giggles of happy sailors
when defying the furrows
with no failures

Along the years
Facing the blue without fears
For the sea
Is her life long company

she never thought
On an ungrateful day
like a rotten chunk she lay
what added salt to injury
Being far away from the sea

No waves to sneer at her
No sailor
remembers the zealous breeder
She used to be

@sihem cherif January 2020

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