DID YOU LEAVE, MY ANGEL? / Poem by Roula Pollard


Since you left, without leaving traces behind you
after years of eternity, was it when, yesterday?
Tomorrow without sunset, will dawn return again?
Do I have, where is my compass to search for you?
Do I still yearn, shall I discover, discover where
why, how and when God created Angels?
Are, do they stay permanently on earth
do they inhabit the sky, or in between
do they live a modern eternity
on their own?

You, my departed angel
send me a rainbow letter, an earthy clue
even a sky whisper with love words, sounds
how long my soul’s patience fearless can wait
for my heart’s healing? You left on a stormy day
after years of happiness, an endless ageless promise.
You are not, are you heartless, uncaring, caring?
If, if you are not, I can rebuild again my faith
in loving with living modern Angels on earth
i rebuilt my faith about your return
if I wish, I wish


© Roula Pollard
All rights reserved

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