Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Life is a flow like cascade to rip through ups and down.
nothing stumbles upon to make it still.
flow of bough to happen like spree of earth
for centrepiece to prevail upon.
Change is inevitable by renewed time and space
Only motto is to reach endpoint to gain absolute zero like void of universe to reveal no god.
as we are maker of our own universe.
And I do remember you from yester years in sweet ambient convergence in unison of earth’s distinctions
and need is ours to defer soliloquy to redefine unity.
Night is yet nightless lone
with no vision of moon ness
! to gravitate eyes into vale of dream reeving hue of spark
in deepest darkness.
face of silence turns into squalid emblem to dapple into body of solitude
like slithering of silhouette
to fall beneath chilled pine of winter gale.
In midst lone vastness of sky emptiness cries
to tear gleaning drops of pain
over shambling shadow rocking at
void to bequeath,
for soul of warmth to gather sprite of kiss to seal over lost memoirs,
like rubbling ashes squandering in quest of blue aftermath of fire
rebounding to inflame arc of blaze.
neither me nor you to part with
promise of lily for full moon
to pique up symphony of ptomethean flame glittered,
to adore in wholesome embodiment of consciousness,
as when paroled.

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