Poems by Mar Thieriot

Coffee smell
Morning gestures
Poetry and you
I rest in our silence
No more words
Between us
We feel each other
We guess each other
We know each other
A few verses
A glance
A smile
Sharing is easy
Sharing is simple
How are you
Fine thank you
Blessed you
Needs no explanation
Today is painting day
A call
Or a show
That must go on
Happy or sad
Today is painting day
I close my eyes
Choose the colours
Feel the breeze
the clear green leaves
grass smell – sun
and birds
back in town
verses on my fingers
I have to keep in simple
I choose white gray
And blue
Maybe a touch of yellow
Red not yet
I see my love transparent
Like flowing water
Like an angel by my side
Still learning to spell love
But it doesn’t bleed.
As I walk
Through the enlightened
Green field
A tree tells me
Springs stories
Stories of renewal
Stories of rebirth
warm love in the air
I feel the presence
Of nature
On the leaves
And on my arms
under my feet
We must forgive
And trust again,
As the life
With no resentment
After the long silence
Of a difficult winter
Maybe there are
That we will never say
To each other
There are words
That hurt too much
Maybe silence
Is our best ally
Maybe spring
Shows us the way
Bloom dear
You are so free to be
We won’t say
Good bye
Thank you for your time
Our paths are different
All friends
All lovers
Are not forever
Time to flourish
So short
I would like
A poem
at the end of the day
for my best horse ever
that one that disobeyed
that one that showed me
the unbelievable
taste of freedom
He was fast
I was twelve.
Mar Thieriot

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