Poems by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Claiming Einstein For Chemistry⚘

How can we claim Einstein for chemistry
If he has no taste for meta mystical poetry
For man in his eyes is not tried for his actions
Knowledge for Einstein is the supreme tuition.
Claiming Einstein for chemistry without belief
Photoelectric effect will lead to a greatest grief
There is no knowledge outside the realm of truth
Looking from within is like taking a sublime oath.
Brownian motion is not only about Molecules
For the vessel of the heart is its truest vehicle
Chemistry like love lies in the unison of two bodies
The best leitmotif to have recreational telepathies.
Man is tried on earth both for his actions and his deeds
In the judgment day his flower will bloom out of its seeds
Brownian motion and photo electric effect are what he sows
The harvesting of his suffering and sea toiling glows.
Einstein is no poet , he does not see it all
Man will be punished for his sins and falls
Love he will surely reap out of self destruction
Only the beauty of his heart will lead to his resurrection.
Modern science hegemonizes the seeds of poetry
But love is a poem that surges from the womb of chemistry
Brownian motion is like an ecstatic emotion
Molecules whirling and twirling in a circular motion.
Alchemy is there to turn Noble metals into Gold
Chemical compounds prostrating before the Lord
A Mixture of Science and Mysticism earth should be
Seemingly making of her a heaven through sufi poetry.

Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 25 /05/20


Planck’s Constant ‘H ‘

Planck’s constant flees both the confines of time and space,
Its cosmic vision takes me for a ride into His Holy grace,
The dream world escapes the boundaries of theoretical physics,
When its rippling rocks crack before the Musings of its lyrics.

Planck thought that in physics his originality lay
Missing the fact that between physics and Music ” H” was in a constant play.
Pure reasoning alone cannot make us gain insight into the universe within.
Only redemption and fate destiny will save man from the burden of original sin,

‘H’ is the constant that stands for the Holy Ghost
Man acts on earth as a visitor with his Mystic Musings for his resurrecting host
The outside world has never been the essential ride
For’H’ is the spirit of a man free, brave , and wild
H is the flute, and the instrumental music that produces confusings thoughts, or delightful sounds.
Planck constant ‘H’ is the same small dot that gave birth to the Big Bang ,and the one that still pulls man back to the ground.


Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 27/05/20

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