Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal


People those holding pen.
Want to spill all their sorrows.
Wants to get
Hurt and hurt
Again and again.
To pour their pain in words.
Why can they not pour the joy every now and then.
Even after truely being creviced.
They want to add on stories to their lives.
Being innocent is their appropriate art.
Or it’s a weapon.
To write all your nudge and grudge.
To gain the strength with sympathy.
Why can they not write on Joy instead of agony and pain to repair.
Raise the thirst with shackles of highest pinnacle.
Motivating,standing with everyone for pleasures and bliss.
Make them inspire rather gaining sympathy with your words.
Holding pen is very easy.
But scribbling pain for some is very tough some is very easy.
@Saraswati Poswal

The Words of Oscar Wild…”When Love and life are Fair”

When Love and life are fair.
We meet Our soulmates.
We meet with a fate.
We fall in love.
And embrace them in air.
Their eyes allured.
Want to float both deep.
And want to feel.
The touch of each other.
And both gets seduced.
Electrified both burning
In heat of love.
They dance in rain of love.
In no more dreams
Than reality indeed.
They can feel each other
They can heal each other.
With my love they made
Creviced both come, compilled both again
Come broken all, both rexhibit with love again and again.

@Saraswati Poswal

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