Poem by Affaq Naibe (Kashmir / India)

Poem by Affaq Naibe
(Kashmir / India)



The new age emerge up with the new tastes,
Of life, novel serge, scientific thirst
Painted hairs and tail and tight waists,

Some are fair and some are the worst ,
We feel pride, that it’s spick -and span
But in this race and ruckus an affary began,

We eat ready mark, toxic though the tasty meals,
We use veleno to kill, vlinder for more crops,
Some worthy old nuts and bolts we lost,

We buried all of our antique values and ideals,
O, It was and “would be” a hardest holocaust
On deck and show all energies we do exhaust

Old knots and bonds miles, we kicked away,
Lofty text a relic, we shun and went astray,
We dig out our own graves of ending

We forget, that Lord descend’s
meals and Maana,
Free and fair, in it’s shape and savor
We do mock and jest on the holy veils,
We lost lyrics of quail the beauty of our dales

Thus a storm have seized our ships and sails,
Into an eddy, which is so deep and heavy,
Let’s turn to the Lord, he is savior and steady

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