For The Next Millennium / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro


For The Next Millennium

It was dark
In the middle of the night
The lonely stars
Far away from each others
Like the divorced couples
Were silent
Listening to the primordial music

Time and eternity
Together were playing with the chords
The silhouette of our dead souls
Were dancing in silence
Finding each others
In their beloved arms

Each step
Was measured with
Our forlorn grief
Yet rhythmic in accord
With the human dreams

Defeated yet not in vain
The night was overwhelmed
With both the pains and pangs
Of the primordial womb

Unfolding once again
To fulfill the human dreams
Of love and compassion

Then the alphabets will take over
Designing the vowels and the consonants

For the next millennium

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