Poems by Ade Caparas Manilah

Poems by Ade Caparas Manilah


controlled by “time”

a programmed being
the villain of man’s
“body and soul””
a power beyond
the live thinkering-thoughts
of all living beings…
all living beings are but
on “time-being(outside)
dependent of it.

has no soul
free of thoughts
devoid of will
an immortal being
having an unseen body
yet comes in
the most powerful spirit
of momental space.

is only alive while in
in-soul being
its spirit manifests
its on-time being
if human beings are in
in-time being
it would be the
most powerful authority.

authority in an
unruly chaotic world
like a prolonged wailing of a cat
a metaphorical statuette of
meaningful buffoonery arts
detachment nor restraint
a post-awardee of
nausea, collapse, ruin!

our world perfectly created
by God in complete balance
much to the ignorance of humans
who make imperious tantrums
when their inventions fail
time is controlled only by our creator
who programs it
who plans it
sets it for our own good.

we are destined for death
our journey is influenced by
our brain, mind, thoughts, soul, dictated by our body desires grouped in various state of lives:
rich-poor, beautiful-ugly
disabled-healthy, bad-good.

Photo: my lovely ggdaugther, London of Las Vegas.

__ade c.
thursday 9:44 14 august
sydney australia


cathexis’ (philosophical dictionary)

‘there are moments when my quiescent soul would burst in to some kind of cathexis.. weary, point of anxiety, restlessness, boredom.. and wants to just rest!’
_Maelan Koia (a.k.a. __ade c.)
Sydney 2017

my soul
in its deep thoughts
roam the dark of the night
dim light of a twinkling star
silhouettes my consciousness…
i pinch leaf by leaf
the crowded space of my mind,
the unrequited passion
my body desires.

in a little corner
of my thoughts
i remember 
the moonlight glows
on my lapis lazuli bloom
voluminous dark clouds
menace the fragile wall of my love.
“love is a many splendour thing”
the wood bench, a constant witness
to my moments of Utopia.

my world, my world has faded
the bushy foliages
the lilac lapis lazuli
the brilliant crystalline streams
the laughing mountains
the teasing blue skies
the melting heat of the sun
the exotica moonlight
the twinkling little stars
the dancing trees…
all, all are timidly in hiding
have i lost my mind
or am i short of vision…
that my time and space
now seems to be a theatrical dome…all i see are faceless people
with fake muds!

my besieged spirit
where am i
why am i still here
i am old and grey
walking by myself
but i did not
waste my youth
songs of love… i made!

what do i have
in common with everyone
i meet talk listen touch
an essence-less sound
devoid of rhythm melody
all but lyrical lust
contours my fagged-out face.

when do i get back
when do i reach
the end of the road
how do i exit
strumming my guitar
writing poetries
painting colours
would i be forever
dreaming of love?

i write
writing makes me forget
my forlorn space
a time in which i enjoy silence
where i am still… as dead
all i write are presumptions
the world, the people
will chain will staple will nail pronouncing the meanings.

would you hug me
kiss me
comb my hair
with your fingers
dress me in white
seat me beside you
watch my earthly videos
and say,
it’s alright honey!

i am lovely, my hair hangs
its golden sprouts like a free spirit flowing like an unleashed herd of parakeets in panic of some
directional route
a significant portrait
as if viewed
through a rear mirror of my car
as i make a cul de sac turn.

__ade c.
thursday 18:36pm 13 auo2020
sydney australia

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