Ethel P. David (Philippines)

Ethel P. David (Philippines)


ETHEL P DAVID studied English, Comparative Literature and Law at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus.
She is included in the coffee table book 25 Wonderful Women of Excellence, edited by Williamsji Maveli. She was invited to be guest of honor at the launching of the book in Daman last April 25, 2020.
Recently, she translated poems by Sethi Krishan Chand and Lily Swarn into Filipino, her native language.
She was invited to attend as an international delegate 2 Pentasi B Poetry Festivals in Ghana, the first hosted by Nii Oku and the second, by Waheed Musa.
She was invited to be a delegate to the prestigious India World Poetree Festival held at Sitara Hotel, Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, for a period of 3 days, from October 17 to October 20, 2017. The event was hosted and sponsored by Dr L Sr Prasad, winner of the Reuel Award, poet extraordinaire, cardio- thoracic and vascular surgeon.
She is a Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2017 of Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry (awarded during the India World Poetree Festival), and was a World Featured Poet 2016 of the same group.
She has edited a book of poems, Now About to Arrive and Other Poems by Dr F David
She is an elected member of the exclusive UP (University of the Philippines) Writers Club. She was nominated by Prof. Francisco Arcellana who later became National Artist for Literature, the highest accolade the Philippines bestows on its outstanding, creative writers and artists.

Honors: 25 Wonderful Women of Excellence. World Pictorial Poetry Forum. 2020.
A Wonderful Poetess of High Excellence. From World Pictorial Poetry Forum. Daman, January 8, 2020.
Lifetime Achievement Award. Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. 2017.
World Featured Writer. Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. 2017.

Books: 25 Wonderful Women of Excellence: Coffee Table Book. World Pictorial Poetry Forum. Sethi Krishan Chand, ed.. 2020 (Featured)
My Love My Life: A Multi Translation Poetry Book. Dr. K. C. Sethi. 2020. (Contributor-Translator) (On way to press)
Delightful Duets: An Anthology of Duet Poems. Manthena Damodara Chary & Twenty Poetesses from Other Parts of the World. (Contributor)
Radiance So Bright: Doc Penpen B. Takipsilim and Visual Poetry. Written by Ethel P David. 2018. (Manuscript)
Now About to Arrive and Other Poems. Dr F. David. Edited by Ethel P David 2011.…/you-are-my-univ…/comment-page-1/…


The Garden of My Soul

Within the whole
Of my own soul
Such inward bliss
The peace that is
And never shatters
With trite matters
Inside my walls
Itself time crawls
And keeps apace
With inner space
Though goes slowly
No, not lonely
My skies are blue
My grass, same hue
My sun glows gold
No gloom takes hold
This garden grown
Inside my own
Love – it blooms steady
Ever ready
To find release
When vexed thoughts cease

Copyright Ethel P David 2019



Nestled in his mother’s bosom
Little did she know, this winsome
Baby boy, the last of four
Would alter India to its core
For she had taught him right from wrong
Respect all creatures, weak or strong
A teaching that would plant those seeds
To greatness, that which spawned great deeds
Shy boy was he, and mute, in school
Did not excel, was thought a fool
Yet in his heart, a love for life
Grew strong and stood him well in strife.
Wed at a tender age, between
Just boy and man; his wife, fourteen
The future Nation’s Father stood
On hardships during fatherhood
Still struggling, he then studied law
And left for England where he saw
A different lifestyle; yet he stayed
Upon the path his mother laid.
Then back to India he did fly
And tried to practise in Mumbai
But fated for a different show
To South Africa he’d go
There, he felt the Indian’s plight
To be cast out for not being white
Shy and quiet, small and slight
His hardened soul now pledged to fight
Thus in Natal, the Indians flocked
To this young man the whites had mocked
The Natal Indian Congress formed
For which he was unfairly harmed
Yet Gandhi, though still in his youth
Stayed on this path – devoted truth
Satyagraha – to fight this course
Without the use of fists or force
To show the Indians’ strength and nerve
In the Boer War he did serve
Eleven hundred men put on
Both inner might and outer brawn
Yet Indians’ rights did not exist
So Gandhi went on to resist
Through threats of jail, he rallied all
Nonviolent protest was his call
They marched for Indian dues, and went
To gain some rights from government.
The Indian Relief bill was passed
So Gandhi flew back home at last
A hero’s welcome he received
But he still fought for those aggrieved
The farmers of Champaran gained
Reforms, and peaceful protests reigned.
Yet greater threats on India fell
The Rowlatt Act was passed, to quell
With any force, those who protested
Could be, with no trial, thus arrested
Yet peaceful protest still prevailed
Though many suffered and were jailed
But none thought it would go this far:
The massacre at Amritsar
With cries of independence loud
Gandhi stood to lead the crowd
When protests became violent
He went to jail, unhesitant
Without his unifying voice
The nation fell amid the noise
Of politics and different faiths
Peace became a forgotten wraith
When he was freed, he then withdrew
From politics, and traveled through
The country; taught of spinning yarn
For independence, much hard-earned
He also wrote about his life
To show why he thus handled strife
This book, which started from his youth
Called “My Experiments with Truth”
He lived to see Purna Swaraj
His country free from British Raj
Yet he continued his own fight
Against salt tax: “Right versus Might”
This civil disobedience act
Led to the Gandhi Irwin Pact
Yet harsher methods soon prevailed
And he and many others jailed
He soon abandoned politics
Grown tired of his party’s tricks
His power he did aptly wield
Through fasts, by which his foes would yield
With World War 2, the Indian fight
For freedom, did not see the light
Gandhi’s movement – Quit India – then
Ensued in his arrest again
Tragedy struck in Gandhi’s life
For death then took his well-loved wife
His failing health led to release
But India was still far from peace
With independence looming near
Post-war, there was another fear
Though all the prisoners were freed
Hindus and Muslims disagreed
From Calcutta came deaths from both
The different sides; the Raj, though loathe
To interfere, set India free
And then partitioned the country
Gandhi fasted for unity
But this alas, was not to be
Three bullets stopped him in the chest
And India’s leader came to rest
This quiet boy; young husband; and
Reluctant lawyer, took a stand
To right the wrongs done to mankind
Through peaceful means – his path defined
A different way that none foresaw
To love life, and from force withdraw
A man of spirit; loved was he
By all – their father – was Gandhi

Copyright @2019 Ethel P David. All rights reserved


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