Injury Diary / Poem by Motiur Muntasir

Poem by Motiur Muntasir
Injury Diary
Bloody desires rushed to the hospital
Time to swallow the diet of pain
I can’t find a prescription in my pocket
The pain increases in the womb of injured happiness
I can’t change the skin of sorrow
Like a snake
Old disease to get rid of
How long will I flow silently like this?
The dry body is like Ichhamati
The stalks of waiting have grown carelessly
Our distance has not decreased
I have not seen such a time with two eyes
That Bella is asleep
At the door of the corpse room
It’s a horrible time to drop a thorn I’ve never seen
How long have I not seen the smile of the sun loving hug
I did not bathe in the sun well
I found the new moon so love the moon
Failure is all over the body
I forgot the way back home now
Fixed emptiness
Broken twigs have saved mass life
The return ticket is gone in the blink of an eye
So with mountains equal failure
The train of life runs away.

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