I AM WHAT I AM / Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poem by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty



i am what i am, the same everywhere
be it in the blue sky or deep in the ocean
be it in the sacred corners of a temple
or in the graveyard, i am always the same
very true and honest to myself

years have passed
everything around me changed
bur i remained the same over the ages
with my basic instincts
hardly undergoing any change

my love is as fragile as my hatred
my emotions and feelings are
as transitory as water bubbles
the scenario keeps on changing
so also i and the colours of my life
and my actions and reactions are always guided by motives, largely defined
in terms of happiness and sorrow
pain and pleasure

love, friendship, brotherhood
everything i call divine
are but my interests in different guise
i do not have a past, live in the exclusive present expecting a brighter future to come by
no one is my friend, no one is my enemy
no one is near and no one is far away
for me nothing is permanent
and nothing except my own interests
define me better, my past, present and future


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