Sweetheart Diana / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Sweetheart Diana
O innocence of days and happy dreaming
O fancy shore and glory of the blessed azure beaches
Oh nap of love and whisper of longing in an abyssal canyon
My guitar, lyre, and lute are within your hands
And in my lips the supplication is completed
So that you may decide to return as soon as you can
And in the heart you have a prayer for your existence
This rose is from you, and you are a descendant of roses
There is no perfume other than the perfume of your cheeks
Oh heart’s desire on the “settler” of heart and mind
You who were my patience, and the echo of my presence
Do you remember the glorious rituals of the oath
Or you already forgot the love poems I wrote for you?
Oh sweetheart and the grace of my eye
Pity on my heart and come back
Oh honey of life come back, come as soon as you can
Hurry, come back and be generous and kind!!

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