Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
You are the love in kiss of humanity,
eyes of your light bedazzle to sharpen cutting edge of blaze ,
to beacon into heart of gravity,
like spark to pierce into red less rhythm of lightening
to empower inviolable void
beneath bare veil of shy
as simmer of vibes from bated foregone eras
an unstinting beacon
to enlighten shadow of mankind
shambling beneath blue of beauty
like luminescent light to sooth out soul of cosmos,
very glory of universe yet unfazed
to enlighten crowd of common mass
for mankind to exalt in vale of sacred blaze of solemn humanity.
love and peace are mighty forces to conquer disillusion inflicted into root of gravity onto soul of earth.
Let your spirit be harbinger to bolster the voice of love
to gravitate vibe of peace
to inculcate in midst of hatred onshore,
as cry of grief tempers
flow of eternal stream of being trilled
to sustain equanimity
for fulcrum of bondage
to lid off equivalence
onto tongue of tattered rhythm
as yet we are slowly loosing into uncertainty
like intoning strings of shattered symphony
Vibes of enlightenment expands into limitless contour and beyond to gather wings of surge to merge into fathomless blue for quest to empower within and beyond…
When beauty utters song of allegiance to shore of silence revered to arc of rhyme and rhythm of heart to inebriate yet instinctive
yet unobtrusive !
clarity is true and truth absolute for vision
yet we need to learn lot from each and all
our own surrounding is also best teacher to guide us in path of our mortal journey,as in between today tomorrow we do exist to disown where we sing song of illusion….
A call to recall vision
Very ardent spring of time
to lull the storm.
yet precision pivots in balance
equilibrium proacts impact.
like ardent flatter of necessity to preempt currency of illusion.
Mirror changes
yet same picture emerges with no root
to prolong survival
as time travels
images trill to tie reflection.
moments spur
to evolve need of circumspection,
may not be attuned!
then and there,
until inertia heals up
displacement articulates another beginning longing
to cultivate
a new age to sustain
for a culture in surprise
as survival is fittest milky way to evolve through…
@dr.subhendu kar

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