Poesie di Rada Koleva- Genova

Poesie di Rada Koleva- Genova



They come.. spontaneously, memories
of a past I thought was buried…
I took every trace out of my mind, every sign
of your presence, now
Completely useless, carriers
only of vain melancholy…
Our paths have been far away, without
no chance of intersection…
These were fierce moments… when
this love, sentenced to death,
then she made me strong and confident, kidnapped
from many hopes…
The distances didn’t mean anything.
In my heart, then, they sang sounds
of your voice the unique, unmistakable,
where I was touched at the bottom of my soul
of their unrepeatable melody
who remembered the calls of other times…
Coming… to fill it up
that innate feminine feeling
that i thought i deleted forever..
Now, this sunset of burning red, seems to disperse the remains of that passion,
sadly long off…
In the air you can smell every proximity
Since then with you, where I was spontaneous,
undress from every predetermined costume
from the circumstances… and then the dancing, those
waves dance, in which you hug, reborn,
came back a girl out of every concept…
It’s been a long time since I wisely accept
every go of events, but without
My will, in front of this sunset,
a traitorous tear, flowing down my face,
maybe to soften the impact
from this unexpected memory… resurrected
among these sunny ashes…
It’s a miracle that at least poetically
didn’t stop flying…

25.08.20, Verona
Rada Koleva- Genova




Stop… stop this beating
of wings, little soul,
wounded little bird…
Are you weak…
You’re with a pierced heart that can’t handle it
The weight of your ephemeral flight,
fruit of a light blue spill
of the skies…
Calm down… listen to every faithful word
to find every right direction, where
you can reach yourself…
You’re a sick little swallow,
wonky from every season… devoid
from your joyful spring…
This confusion you can’t be painful
distinguish no race of the winds…
My little lost soul chained
Among the irons of an invisible, deceptive cage
in his strong presence…
You see, the flock up in the clouds
He doesn’t fear any strong storms, but
your broken wings, burned by labours and
vain illusions, they can’t make it,
at least for the moment…
Even if I’m far away I hear your every cry
every call for your freedom
dreamed… desired with the bottom of my heart…
He shouldn’t die and he won’t die
your beautiful bond with the winds, but now calm down,
feel the loving rustle
of my words…
I love you… little soul,
my little bird lost in the ruins
of this life often poor, often atrocious…
Listen to me…
Stop… it’s my voice,
who is looking for you… even among these sentences
of my sad, poetic singing…

28.08.20, Verona
Rada Koleva- Genova

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