NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR FUTURE – Poem by Leyla IŞIK / Translated into English by Mesut ŞENOL

Poem by Leyla IŞIK
Give up on neither yourself nor your future as well as on human being…
Living the love affairs, you want to have it in your heart, the love you did not and you could not consume without me! Hanging on to the times with hope when you are present on an off. Isn’t your wish to love me without me, with my arrivals and departures, with my trust and non-trust nothing but the sound of your heart, beyond a fiction?
I got wet under a love downpour. My eyes had a faraway look and filled with overflowing tears. Through longing and excitement for unknown. While I have so many things I want to explain, yet I keep being silent with my incomplete side. I fear that every love word could touch and bleed my wound.
You know, during those long nights we cling to the dreams, we would nestle a bit of joy out of taking refuge in happiness in our heart, in the moments we do not wish the morning to come.
You know the timidity of a gazelle fleeing from the hunter,
Trembling of the heart of a sparrow,
And like the docility of a cat waiting to be caressed.
Something like that…
Isn’t it the ruthlessness of the past years or what?
My feelings that I hid in my heart, that I did not bring to light, that I did not name…
I clung to your voice,
I did hang on to your words.
I held on to the feelings you felt sincerely and you made me feel those.
Now, like the soil’s saturation for water following the rain…
Now, like the exuberance of the waves tumbling down one after another by the sea side
Now, like the cries of the seagulls climbing up and down in that azure
I am in the seventh heaven.
Translated into English by Mesut ŞENOL
12 July 2016 13.30
İzmir-at an hour with me with my absence…

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