Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Time rumbles,hands of god
Sea waves take shapes,
Ageless allure
Sand and stone
And now your song…

You sing the tide’s ebb and flow
And now a vow… you will never
See my face at your door again.

Errant wind

I dwell in you
Like a dark abyss

Time emerge from where?
Crazy hours are back…

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra,08/09/2017,Kolkta,India



A strange darkish yellow light of fugitive dusk
Wind screams
My wounded city with a stain of blood
Silence in the air and stories of grief
Deserted streets in this pandemic hour
A whirlwind of life and death

Scared of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Everything deadly quiet
People run away from home
Where to go nobody knows
Wait here, till the dark comes in, you said
Let it go by, ignore and be safe, be brave

Someday flower will bloom
Our wounded city will laugh
A thousand songs will back again
Enjoy life as it comes to you
Remember, life is once
With an expiry date…

(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, August, 2020

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