AFFLICTED / Poem by Antoinette DiGiorgio Corbell

Poem by Antoinette DiGiorgio Corbell
Day is dark
Night is bright
My insides are outside
My outsides are inside
You locked me in a cell
Expected me to thrive
In a home filled with rot and never ending lies
No love and laughter
A long time ago it died
I screamed for release, none came
Death was sitting on my shoulder
Taunting and nagging
It could come any day
Yet he refused to come to my rescue
Claimed insanity lived within me
So I made a choice to stay here
On this unforgiving earth
Looking for love and happiness
In my own little bubble
A sweet breeze blew my bubble across the ocean
To a far off shore
There my insecurities were bathed away
I felt like a human again
A living breathing woman
No more a crazy loon in a cell in hell
I could be me with all my personalities
Each and everyone cared for and loved
Day is bright
Night is dark
My insides are inside
My outsides are outside
My cell destroyed
copyright reserved

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