Poems by Mahire Nagi KİZİ (AZERBAİJAN) / Translated into English by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi

Poems by Mahire Nagi KİZİ (AZERBAİJAN)
My sweet
How can I glorify you …
With speech , sweet, my sweet…
Would swaddle you …lad …
With flowers , sweet… my sweet…
Your moan all spreaded round ,
Shut up, oh my grief, shut up,
Someone dies of your longing ,
Know … sweet… my sweet.
From grief I lost my head
Put an end … to my struggle with grief
Lend your hand…my tears …
Wipe ..sweetly …my sweet…
İ know , your heart like as fabric ,
Don’t look at … like a stone heart
Like a servant , at the door
I’ll die, sweet … my sweet .
I’m Mahira, I would say,
Would pass valleys and … mountains,
Would walk … every corner
Would be back again … sweet … my sweet …
Good that
Let your eyes would smile always,
Let spread rain of joy your face,
What would I do without you… what I would be worth
Good that you’re on my hopeless way .
I would drown on … would on tungled roads,
I was like without sail… on deep waters ,
Where I would take on …. love for living
Turned into silence … stood as dumbly .
My world , you see , has darkened so
Hope wouldn’t pull me to the next ,
Oh God, look through to the world ,
Tireless land would grow seedlings .
Be the fire of my only hope ,
My heart dancing … as hearing your voice,
Hiding on my breast … enjoy love greatly
Find … your fate , find love in me…
Translated into English by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doktor Philology on Philosophy
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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