Nigar Arif (Azerbaijan)

Nigar Arif (Azerbaijan)


Nigar Arif was born in 1993 on 20th of January in Azerbaijan. She studied at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in the English faculty in 2010- 2014. Nigar Arif is a member of the “World Youth Turkish Writers’ Union” and graduated from “III Youth Writers’ School” in “Azerbaijan Writers’ Union”. She is also a member of the “International Forum for Creativity and Humanity” in Morocco. Her poems have been partially translated into English, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Montenegro, and Spanish and have been published in different countries. She was a participant of “ IV LIFT- Eurasian Literary Festival of Festivals“ which was held in Baku in 2019 and “30 Festival Internacional De Poesia De Medillin” in 2020 which was held in Colombia at online platform. She participated at” Wordtrip Europe” project and “ Fourth Global Poet Virtual Meeting 2020” as well.


I Don’t Think If…

I’ll never pass again through these places,
The memories here are suitable for depth;
They took away my hopes from my eyes
And they did eat my soul till they’re fed.

These roads covered already with thorny shrub,
But my passed days are barefooted.
My wishes with you are like dried leaves
My dreams with you are like a thick dust.

I don’t think if this place could have warmed up,
No matter covered with grass and flowers.
They could be first meeting place for some others,
But they would be just coffin of our love.


Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, baby…
Let your looks pour into your soul
to see those at your age.
Don’t look at great pictures,
at the shades
showing an ant as an elephant,
like a giant you called.
Don’t be afraid…
There can’t be shadows of shades, my child,
Close your eyes,
Close your eyes…


The Way

Who did really cut out my way?
Either the way is chance or I’m green.
I may be the last human on this road,
Maybe I’m just a gravestone of this road.

My dreams looking through the window,
My leg got tangled with my own way;
I don’t know how it looks from that side,
My fate is clapping at my falling.

Or maybe it’s not me going on this way,
It’s my road, limped, my road’s crawling.
It turns to ground, it changes to stone,
It just follows and blankets with me.

How this way did fall on my fortune?
Maybe it slipped out of my pockets?
Had I trampled on its face and head?
That’s why it is so impudent to me!


Run After Childhood

My eyes slowly drift away from me,
See the things through glasses as grow old.
My feet have got a fast walk, running before me,
‘Cuz they’re in a hurry to reach to my childhood.

My fluffy hair’s looking for its braid-time,
It becomes white and bare like this winter,
Time calls on wrinkles my face and hands
road to road, as I’m bored year by year.

That’s how I’m getting older, tale by tale,
My pains turn into small kids like my children,
listening to my stories and fairy-tales,
Don’t even get off my arms and knees.

The old years like the black and white points,
come on and stay in the domino-stones.
I lose each game on purpose to my grandchild,
At my old age – in my “childhood” years.



Hey man, taking umbrage at himself,
Have you done a lot of sinning?
All you’ve lost, is just yourself,
Is there anything you gained?

Who took you from you?
Who left you to the void?
Who put his hand on your heart?
And calmed you like that?

Who ruined your life and fate
looking at your “sorry” face?
What did he leave in your eyes,
Dropping as tears?

Maybe it’s you, and,
you’ve become a pain for yourself?
Maybe you just let your joys
slip through your fingers?

Hey you,
Who’s oppressed by sorrow,
Walking in his thoughts,
Getting tired of his ways…
Losing the sun among complaints.

Turn back,
Make peace with yourself.
Shake hands and have faith ,
With that one whom you turned away.

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