Poems by Linda Imbler (USA)

Poems by Linda Imbler
Linda Imbler is the author of five paperback poetry collections and three e-book collections (Soma Publishing.) This writer lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband, Mike the Luthier, several quite intelligent saltwater fish, and an ever-growing family of gorgeous guitars.
Learn more at: lindaspoetryblog.blogspot.com.
Overlooking The Cliff
The emotional union of land and sea runs deep.
Watch from your height
the early morning fire-mist on the beach
before the sun consents to appear
as a glowing epic.
A constant flood of waves over sand.
A constant sea breeze ruffling hair.
In bright daylight,
over the tricky tor, you’ll spot
fish leaping in a single bound.
They then reverse,
and dive headlong,
to then rejoin the ocean ceaseless.
If they land wrong they weep,
and all their tribe weeps for them.
Daily, memories sail across
this noble body of water.
And under the waves,
you may imagine
the attended continuum of life.
As the sun sits and puts up his feet,
the pale-faced moon the twilight brings,
and with it, a different tide.
I see it all,
overlooking the cliff.
Life Altering Love
The one truly life-altering thing
that everyone should experience
at least once, is to have someone
fall in love with them.
Reveling in the huge back-and-forth
fancy of one to the other.
A completed glimpse
of the object of one’s affection
never quite lasting long enough.
The whispering of warm words,
gently echoing,
within the carefully defined universe
both have agreed-upon.
Keeping close with each tender embrace
that gives breath to each tender kiss.
The aspect of modified responses
toward one’s beloved which differs
from that given to anyone platonic.
A romance based on devotion, trust, and mutual support,
in pallid nighttime, or saturnine midnight.
Love as the discriminating operator
of every admirer’s heart.

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