Poems by Şenol Alçınkaya / Translation into english by Mesut Şenol

Poems by Şenol Alçınkaya


The Fake Love

You used to say I am in love,
With the misty words dropping from your lips
Your unmoved looks were revealing your pretense
Your hugs were registering your secret affairs,
So were you kisses for your disloyalty.
You too used to be like seasons.
You were like my sun never rising,
And like my wind never blowing,
You were like my winter in the spring,
And like the flower never bloomed in my life.


The untrustable lover of the fake love

As long as I see things like this
Being footloose, and being so messy
I will love no longer.
Even though the fire of being deprived of you burns my heart,
There’ll be times
When I will be departing
From the gloomy routes of this town
Like you did.
When you will be suffering in this street of disloyalty,
Me being in the town of heartbroken lover
From the roads reminding of you,
I will head for unknown.
Even though I will be missing your looks,
Your voice and the smell of your skin
I will never ever forget you.



You are the storm inside me,
wounding my soul as it blows.
I am a ship wreck
at the wild seas
and went to pieces,
with his feelings ruined,
and heartbroken,
I am like a fish
having bitten the bait
and struggling
to hold on to life.

Hey life!
Will you hold my hands
in order stand with me?
If I ask you ever
where the street of happiness is
then will you direct me to it?


Translation into english by Mesut Şenol

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