She’s a sensitive soul who considers writing as a way to express her untold feelings and opinions.
She’s a translator and published “Ce este viața?” (What is life?) a bilingual poetry book in 2019.
Published in various national and international literary magazines and collective anthologies.
Competed at various national and international creative writing contests.
The Cradle
A kind woman and a lion-hearted man
Approach the cradle that held generations during infancy.
Now it holds another precious soul
That is ready to explore the world.
How happy is the little bundle of joy
To see her parents’ smiling faces.
As they proudly talk about her future,
She imagines herself in an enchanted land
Where toys can talk, birds hum lullabies in her ears,
Fairies invite her to dance on flowery meadows
And give her dew to drink every morning.
She watches the elves practicing archery
And the brave knights fighting fierce dragons.
So many places to go and sights to see,
But not all the castles in the world
Can’t compare to the haven that is her cradle.
The polished wood, the fluffy pillow and warm blanket
That Grandmother made for her and the moment
That Sandman arrives when Mother gently moves it from side to side.
Copyright Georgiana L. Gheorghe
All Rights Reserved.
August 18th, 2020.

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