Nazila Gultaj (Azerbaijan)

Nazila Gultaj (Azerbaijan)

She is a poetess and a Doctor. She is a member of Union of Azerbaijani Writers. Her books “The love written to water”, “Green whisper”, “From heart to lips” ( Baku) , “Love rain” ( Turkey) were published up present time.
I am a sea
I am a sea
The waves of which are rising and falling…
And unites the earth and the sky in its horizon.
It either turns to clouds
or to the rain drops
and is floundering against the rocks
and beating in the waves.
I am a sea-
Its ship with white sail
Approaches to a shore called life
And strikes against the wishes.
White and Black
We live white and black in the world of colors
Our lives are green, yellow.
We blacken, scribble our fate,
We dye our hopes.
We overlay our sorrow
With the moonlight of the nights
And with the morning star of the dawn.
We set out to the lifetime
Like compliant
Mollycoddled, touchy child.
Our hands are hung from the surface of the sky.
Colors are running amidst us
Our days are colored and colored
And are mixed with laugh.
From the heart to lips
Our hearts are like Noah’s Ark
There are those who are on the edge of death.
There are both survivors and the dead.
Our loving hearts –
Are the eternal wayfarers
of the divine love.
We live quiet life
from the heart till the lips.
Both of us have only one loneliness
We meet there when we miss each other.
Only silence, quietness
and lonely grieving cry rule there.
Everything is lonely there.
An apple in a cage
A pen
A copy-book
And familiar and strange sound.
There is the picture of loneliness on the wall.
A great heart
Which is alone inside of loneliness
Inside that heart
There is loneliness of both of us
Both of us have the same loneliness
The loneliness of solitude.
Translated from Azerbaijani Sevil Gulten

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