Life’s wisdom / By: Mahmoud Said kawash


Life’s wisdom
By: Mahmoud Said kawash
– If you want to be happy in life, find someone who’ll never get tired of kissing you everyday, who’ll hug you when you become jealous, who’ll understandingly keep silent when you get mad, who’ll squeeze your hand when you’re not in the mood and who’ll plan and imagine with you your future.
– For you and special for you only : ” if you feel tired come and take rest in my heart and if you think that my heart beat is distrubing you, don’t worry I’ll stop my heart beats for you”…………….
– Love is not just how to find the right person, but how to create a right relationship; it’s not how much love u have at the beginning but how much u secure to the end…….Marriage is so too !!!
-Don’t make your heart an airport for every aeroplane’s landing and let it be like the sky which everybody wishes to touch but only stars can do that.
– When I’m with you I wish I can stop time, so that I can stay with you forever, and never loose your company even for one moment.

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