Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper



The grains of sand are trampled under feet,
The pebbles dance and embrace the grains,
The shouters shout aloud for business buzz,
The kids do cry for shopping sweet,
The horse and the camel walk along the shore,
And the dog runs behind in trotting,

The sea looks crazy at touching the shore,
The shore looks for greeting the sea,
The sea dies for the love of shore,
The shore dies for the love of the sea,

The waves work hard on surface
But the gems lie in the deep waters,
The fuss of furrows frightens all kids,
The kids hide behind the knees of their moms,

The shore appears normal,
When the rain falls above,
The dust turns into damp smell of soil,
And the green plant springs from sand,

The shore is more happy with loving soul,
The shore is much more with true beauty,
The beauty of the sea and the shore,
The scene of love in nature,
As two birds in the nest,
As two joint trees in the field,
As two stars twinkle in the night sky…



I once visited the mars of human mind,
And I did find the dazzling beauty of God:
The vast stretched grassland of thoughts,
The spring of ecclesiastical water of words,
The lashing rain on the brazen soil to get grip upon the entire body,
The meadows of mesmerizing weeds of inner joy,
All are innate and ornate in scheme of heavenly command,

The spectrum of human mind gets happiness with the rainfall,
And the jolly firefly gets up with jerk,
And butterfly sits on the petal of rose,
When the cloud moves around a hill,

The mars of human mind has inner light,
The light that ignites sun to burn in the world,
The light that kills darkness of the deserts,
The light that is buried in human heart,
That is the light of love and peace,
That is the light of human beauty….

The showers of nature nurture everything,
The flowers of thought bring incense,
The towers of swindling fall down
When beauty steps on the land of Lord,

The horizon of human mind goes up
When sweetheart peeps from above,
And enriches the gorgeous guys and gals,
With sweet gaze of human eye,

The mind has no limits to fear,
The mind has no boundaries to cross,
The mind has nothing to measure mind,
The mind is the sea beyond reach,
The mind can’t be blocked at all,……

Let me explore the depth of ocean,
Let me seek the goodness on globe,
Let me discover the undiscovered land,
Where we stand up on string of affection,
Where we escort on flowery road to get kiss on hand,
Where we sit together on throne of love,
With respect and kingly powers on land….



The sleepy eyes never see around the corner,
And the matters beside,
And things go unheard:
The cries of a child from distant part,
The bloody heart of the distant lover,
The gaze of orphan for sweet food,
The ragged kids in city street,
The shivering body of the old on bed,
The feelings of the crippled in this world…
A lot of things go unheard,……….

The sleepy eyes never see what is inside,
The beats of heart for sweetheart,
The rising of skin hair in shiver,
The boiling blood in veins of human body,
The fascinating song on cheeks of joy,

The sleepy eyes don’t care about the world,
The burnt deserts die in hunger,
The brazen hills keep on cutting scars,
The green trees burn in fire of hate,
The grown up grass falls down in thirst,,,,

The sleepy eyes needn’t sleep so deep,
The sweet dreams need to be achieved,
In the world of fact,
In the world of love!



Step in and go to the bottom of the sea,
Discover the gem under its layers,
Uncover the depth of the waters,
And find out the treasure of the world,

Step in the riches of the oceans,
And sail allover the sea,
And cope with the cruel waves
And make the world better,

Step in the growing beauty of the sun,
The hot in step of the warmth,
The cloudy fog conceals the sun,
But the rays reach all sides of the globe,

Step in the burning parts of the world,
Bring peace for all and end war,
Help a fallen child and take his finger,
The world needs succour and support,….

Step in the cool breeze on lovely face,
Shower the beauty on earth,
Step up for the betterment of humans,
Wake up from the deep slumber,

Step in the life of sweet,
Beauty is the best of the best,
Nothing more so deep in the depth,
Like the love of my beloved!

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