Autumn is on the door / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny


Autumn is on the door

On my balcony.. In social distance
Living my nostalgia.. My heavy load
Of past Autumn’s scents and fragrance
In mountains and valleys.. I am not allowed..

Watching seasons running fast
Autumn is waiting… On the door
How i miss , green fields
and forests
And the lavender Aroma i used to adore..

O.. Memories of youth and childhood
The house with red bricks.. For summer
The swinging gracefully trees of near wood
Where i used to navigate,
From a dream to another..

In a small pine trees forest
Dwelling hours with my tresor of your letters hidden
A basket of illusions,, of love. quest
Forgetting the. world, the time, just my pen

Till getting a sudden
Surrounded by a cloud of grey, chilled and alone
Fog, from the valley, fills me with coolness puching me to go back
To the warmth.of the house, I. own…

By Hana Shishiny
Sep 2020
(c)all rights reserved

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