Arrows of pain … / Poem by Slavka Bozovic

Poem by Slavka Bozovic
Arrows of pain …
He didn’t know her soul well enough
A friendly word hurt
Right in pride, he shot relentlessly
She was left speechless, she didn’t even defend herself.
And out of respect, she called him “Gromada”
He was her friend, respected and loved
How naively she believed him
He relentlessly stabbed her in the back.
Confused, she didn’t even justify herself
She just disappeared timidly like a deer
In the flames of doubt, she hoped for justice
And she handed him over to the Court of God.
He hurt her mercilessly
She cut the word with the edge of her sword
In disbelief, let go of your friend
So wounded, she ran as far away from him as possible.
Sometimes, when the shadows dance in his eyes
When the soul squeals on the strings of D minor
When the veil falls on the heart of stone
He will learn how Heaven responds with arrows of pain . . .
© Slavka Bozovic
Country: Montenegro

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