Poems by Tanni Bose

Poems by Tanni Bose
The breeze
Delightful and passionate breeze,
Swept me to freedom ultimate,
Away from the senseless gathering.
Being snowy silk cotton-
Deprived of wings I could glide.
Reliable wind harbored me-
Whence I was desolate
It whispered music ,
When sad it bathed me with cottony showers,
It conveyed messages of distant land.
It was my solitary mate.
Alas! One day it transformed
It was no more the pampering wind,
It was the unforgiving storm which left me broken.
Deciduous mind
They say- a dutiful slave I am
Slave of passion, slave of goodness, slave to affection
In my veins is thy ‘slavery’
They bestow on me assumed freedom
I denounce
How can I espouse freedom?
Freedom dressed in venomous pride
In my blood is thy oppressed slavery
Yes, I am an ardent slave
Nevertheless I am free,
Am free of pretense, free of fallaciousness
Yes freedom is in me
Autumn in my heart
All seasons paid noble visits
Exhibited their peacock plumages
Captivated and bewitched the life around
Summer was notably kind and responsive
At times blistering with rage of lust
The rains mercilessly washed away desired passion
And bleached winter –
Viciously stabbed my wishful self
I lay with my famished dreams
With autumn in my heart
© Tanni Bose.

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