Taking the journey like / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Taking the journey like
In the soaring majestic mountains of life
Black death lurking in hidden canyons,
valleys and plains.
Kept us on long holidays longer than expected,
Regretting, still, we stayed inside our cell.
You came to enshroud me during the twilight of this century
Every day in the sixth hour,
you appeared before me and asked, how’s my best friend?
Verily said unto me,
“I want to see you bloom like the Alpine of the Alps.”
There were moments my sparkless eyes would glisten,
and you made it twinkle like the million stars in the dark heaven
There were nights that babbling brooks
trespassed from my tired eyes
while you whirled and cuddled me with your grins and jokes.
You’ve been there for me.
So many miles away, and yet so near
as you waved the bunch of violets and tulips
enliven every moment,
“It’s time to celebrate, my dear friend.”
Moods changed as you sat beside me
keeping one’s eyes on our monitors,
while you nudged me to listen to your favorite songs.
How are you, my friend?
It’s now my turn to ring the bell,
Whether we celebrate on these holidays in our season
Taking the journey like swallows and avians
Or, live for this moment and pray that God grants us a boon.

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