Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
The sweet candy is satisfaction of soul,
When restless pillow cries aloud,
And relentless mood assaults badly,
Man gets refuge in the sweetness,
As the bird rests in its own nest,
And consoles himself with the best of things,
All nerves become at ease in caress,
The blissful beauty envelops in arms,
And the curves of scars vanish forever,
The unbelievable sights do cite well,
The unknown things be known,
The unavailable becomes available,
When I taste the sweet candy,
At the table of great beauty,,,,,
The life turns lofty with candy,
Like the lashing rain in the monsoon,
With great charm and comfort,
With great merriment and thinking,,,,
The sweetness never goes to end,
The world is filled with great sweetness,
The sweetness of my candy is eternal,
As the bright light of the sun,,,
The sun rises after the darkness,
The sweet candy never tastes tasteless,
The sweet candy is sweet forever,
The sweet candy never gets sour,,,,
Juvenility of a giantess lurks behind stars,
Beyond the moon and constellation,
Exploration of the space,
Searching and watching for
Untouchable objects,
Unexplored world,,,,
Possible to discover an uninhabited planet,
With the rivers of sweet honey,
Along with golden trees,
With silvery grass for feeding of little roes,
And lush green meadows,,,
The giantess makes jargon,
Abuses and refuses the sun rising,
Because of pride and vanity,,,,
The dreams of juvenility die in vain,
Giantess couldn’t get any right man,
And time cuts the years of beauty with sharp saw,
But the beauty maintains purity,
Like the holy cave of the sea,
Where none goes to dive,
And enjoys floating with dignity,,,,,
The giantess becomes godness,
The juvenility comes back in love,
The wrinkles get up,
The puffy spots become flat and smooth,
And the lips visit upon the land,,,
With cool mind and warm heart,
With great care and much dare,
Nothing is impossible with struggle,
Nothing is impossible in love,
Nothing is impossible for you,
Oh, giantess!
Feel strong again,
Feel the running blood in your veins,
Feel the flow of juvenility,
As the sweetness of serenity,
In the world of diversity,
There is always good in life,
Within you,
Within me,
Within all humans,….
Be a pragmatic person,
Walk on the modern line,
Totter the old for the new,
Stay on few out of exodus,
Don’t construct castles in the air,
Don’t imagine water as the fire,
Don’t think beyond the nature,
Don’t think out of reality,,,,
Eat all fires right now,
Drink all hot air of the world,
Walk on the chest of hate,
Endure the pains and pangs of life….
Swing on the flowery swing,
And ring like the bell of calling,
Work like the honey bees,
And get a conspicuous success,
A big hug welds the world,
The world wants to have a big hug,,,,
Let me hold up everything,
Let me unite the broken parts,
Let me glue the tucked pieces of this earth,
Let me spread the mirth in blowing air,,,
Let me embrace all things,,,
With new paradigm of peace and love,
Throughout the globe,
With new hope of peace and progress,
Throughout the world,
For human development and growth,
For richness of all and sundry,
For you and me,,,,,
With glee,,,,,,,
Hugging diminishes the pain,
Smiling ends gloom,
Loving buries hate,
Loving opens the gate of peace,
And nothing exists bad again,,,,
Give a big hug to all,
Hold the star in hand,
And swim on the sand,
Like the ship on the sea,
Heal the burning wounds of my land,
Mitigate the scars of my mother earth!
All cheating ends at last,
All love wins always,
All hate dies in ashes,
All love gets success,
A big hug is the cry of time,
Console the itching world,
Satisfy the weeping child,
Wipe out the tears from human cheeks,
No drilling, no dripping,
No killing, no war again….
The world yells for hugging beauty…
The world yells for loving soul,,,,
Come on my cutie,
Time is quite ripe to rule upon,
And enrich the little plant of peace,
That moves in the wind,
That needs a big hug of your arms!

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