Eder Elber Fabián Pérez (Mexico)

Eder Elber Fabián Pérez (Mexico)
Eder Elber Fabián Pérez (Mexico City, 1992) is a student of the degree in Hispanic Literature at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He is part of the editorial board of Cardenal Revista Literaria. He has published poetry in the magazines: Tlacuache, Buenos Aires Poetry, Revista Hispanoamericana de Literatura, and Poesía entre Neón; and story in the magazines: Campos de Plumas, Vertedero Cultural, Revista Cultural Intervenciones.
Lovers of Pompeii
Next to your body, like the hands of the clock at midnight,
I am giving myself completely, ready for this benign immolation.
For my body, your body, our body to unite like a ray to the earth
and to stay like that, like two statues looking at each other in the middle of the night.
Without caring about death being next to us. That is how I would like to die:
in front of your pilgrim hands looking for an oasis in my root
in front of your agitated thighs like the waves that hurt Leandro,
in front of your lips that grazed like the wind each hidden corner of my soul.
For this kiss, the last one perhaps, to last until immortality,
beating itself in the depth of my chest, within the silence and the shadows,
and therefore extinguish this heat that has provoked our town´s destruction.
Condemned, imprisoned, submissive, lost in each other,
sharing this sweet end, granting us a forbidden pleasure.
Subjected to the internal fire that burns and destroys our skin: let´s love us.
Let´s rejoice regardless of anything else, until our voice extinguishes
and our remains linger as effigies of an eternal love, vile and heavenly.
Holy Venus
to my dear and appreciated Julieta Venus
You arise from the sea, new Aphrodite:
Untamed, wild, pure, and obscure.
Ivory temple
Sacred coral
Burning moon.
Your sweet and mysterious body
Flows like the wild wind in the middle of the night.
Thereby I am contemplating you from the dream
Where time hangs.
From there you stare at me, and your lips burn my body
Hitting my torso like sweet wounds.
Laying beside you I am discovering yourself,
Within your look where light hushes, and imprisons me
on your belly
voracious ocean, fountain of life, holy water.
Among your sex
Rose garden, obscure jungle, constellation of stars.

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