Go … / Poem by Slavka Bozovic

Poem by Slavka Bozovic
Go …
How come you’re on my doorstep today,
I don’t remember opening the door,
you steal my peace and drink my strength,
you broke my wings of empathy a long time ago.
Why do you remind me, times of evil,
heavy foot, injures scars,
our happiness is on a shipwreck, doomed,
he does not offer me a potion of bitterness again.
And as you wander the paths of memory,
uninvited, light the beacon of the past,
you enter the door of the soul, you do not knock,
begging me for a grain of forgiveness and grace.
Come on, go away, don’t stop,
somewhere else he seeks better refuge,
I stopped mourning my fate,
I have forbidden you in my heart, further abode.
© Slavka Bozovic
Country: Montenegro

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