Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha
Imagination of alluring femininity
Enforced omnipotent God
To create beauty in you .
That is why, I witnessed
You in each and every
Particle of universe.
You are a candle of love
It makes me always feel
Presence of light in dark .
I experience rainbow hues
As infinity of your love
In flight of butterfly.
No aesthetic beauty is there
Worth for comparision
With your eternal beauty.
Reflection of your image
In calm surface of water
Enough to create noisy ripples .
How lunatic I am, you may think
I regard you as a rational
Cause of creation.
The winds blow around me
That carry sweet fragrance
Whispering your name .
Each drop of morning dew
That reminds me as
Tears of your pain.
Water – splashing dolphins
Leaping herd of deers
Remind your fickleness.
Although miles away from me
I have always felt you
By the side of me.
I have observed so many times
Green meadows sway in trance
Just to greet you as insane.
Feeling of a surge of chill in spine
Reminds me again and again
Melody of love, we’ve experienced.
Tears That Flow From My Heart
When words turn limit of expression
I will write with ink of my own tears
That shed from reservoir of my heart .
Tell me my friend ,someone here
Have you ever perceived its salty taste.
Tears as poems of desolate-pensive heart
No words and sound but still clear and pure.
Need no any artificial articulation of words
To feel inner feelings dissolved inside there .
An infinite poem of love and compassion
Flooded with river of humanity so clear .
That inspire me to feel you as world in me
As a reflection of brotherhood in chain ….
Living words flow from my heart
Through the channels of pair of my eyes
No trace of sycophancy is still there….
To irrigate compassion of so many pearls .
Joy of love along with pain of grief
Tears appear as a mirror in brief
Breath of love , dwells there , Indeed
Without odour of sefish and ego cheap ..
Poem of reality flows from my heart
Along with silent Scream of its beats
To flood away debris loaded inside there .
No any preparation of etiquette ,so clear
So is free of even trace of hypocrisy, my dear .
Composed by Tulsi Shrestha

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