Dr. Verónica Valadez LÓPEZ (México)

Dr. Verónica Valadez LÓPEZ (México)
Originally from San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, Mexico. Bachelor of Communication Sciences and Master of Education. Journalist for 25 years at Diario A.M; creator and editor of the magazine “Amigos”; winner on two occasions of the “Golden Sun” by the National Circle of Journalists. Announcer and Speaker. Honorable Mention and Finalist of the Contest the 64th International Poetry and Narrative Contest 2019 of Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina; participant of the Anthologies “Letras por el mundo 2019” and “Autores Selectos 2019” in Argentina, winner of the 2nd. Place of the Poetry Contest in Venado, Argentina, recognition in the “Poetry of the Pilar Contest”, Spain. Distinction as “Teacher-Writer” by the H. Ayuntamiento de San Francisco del Rincón. Representative of Mexico in the V International Poetry Festival of Madrid 2019 and participant of the International Anthology “De thousand aromas”, Winner of the 1st Place of Poetry, in the International Short Story and Poetry Competition of Peru 2020. Literary link with Mexico, Spain , India, Peru, Cuba and Iran and winner of the 2020 Research Award, “Ana María Agüero Melnyczuk”. Appointment as Sunflower Woman Ambassador by the Spanish Association Absorvaex, Member of the Union of Writers of the World Nations Kazakhstan, Doctor Honoris Causa by International Forum Creativity and Humanity of Morocco and Mil Mentes por México, and Member of the World Literature Academic.
Flapping like hummingbird wings
I vibrate with delicate aromas of the soul
I motivate my dance of gods in your belly of madness
And I dance to the sound of your steps manifesting sweetness.
As the hummingbird absorbed your honeys
You are a flower that causes my thirst to love you
I suck every detail from you
I drink you, breathe you and stir my waters until you are exhausted.
I am legendary in your adventures and seas
And hummingbird that appears as a ray of sunlight on your body
I slide down your waist while I drink
And I take care of you like a virginal and new path.
I offer you my colors
I fill you with my flavors
I am a hummingbird, that among your skies I rise
And hummingbird … that I go crazy on your flights.
As imperfect as the tree that grew crooked,
as imperfect as the river that has left its channel.
Imperfect like the flower that lost its aroma in an afternoon of boredom,
like the bird that lost a wing by flying against the wind.
Imperfect because I was made of dreams
and they became an unfulfilled promise,
one hundred percent human, who makes mistakes and sweats oblivion.
Imperfect because in my body there are wounds,
there is salt, there is sugar but there is no vacuum.
It does not affect me to know I am imperfect in the eyes of the one who judges and points out,
because in my weaknesses I have found self-love,
clean love and out of earthly vanity.
So imperfect that every day I see more perfection in my soul
and my adventures free and victorious.
So imperfect that now I love myself with my scars and my broken wings.
Though perfect in the eyes of God and perfect to myself,
that now I see my soul and it is brighter than a star in the galaxy.
Perfect and connected with the universe,
that I give my life to find hidden happiness.
Very loved, very located in the context of my follies,
very imperfect touching the living waters of my essence
and breathing the constellations of my irreverence.
After the storm
We will find peace in this uncertain world
One day the reunion will come, the calm
And the virtue of knowing that the smile has not been lost.
We will know that there is light at the end of the road
That the changes have been difficult but necessary,
That there is life still without waiting for it.
Forty days may not be enough to understand
Nor to transform our world
But perhaps yes to resurface in hope.
And then we can finally face the sun
We will leave dejected, tired, or deafened
But with a hint of faith in the hidden existence of humanity.
After the storm there will be new life
Deep glances of complicity, of massive force
And collective lost spirituality, with a fresh scent of opportunity.
There will be looks, consolation, we will rescue the soul
We will become aware of our essence and we will be filled with love
Fear and fatigue will be gone,
Leaving the winds of a better time.
Write poetry, not just to rhyme the soul
Write poetry to feel and vibrate
Write beautiful words to let out the best of you.
Let go of the expression, let it flow
Memories, loves, passions and angers
Let words do for you what you cannot make come true,
let your expression lead you to create new worlds
New sensations and forbidden themes.
Add charm to your smile, turn it into Mona Lisa
Or make it the Great Wall of China just by expressing it in words.
Vibrate in the power of creation, vibrate with illusion
May your words be the song of the bird that trills
May your emotion be the caress that animates
And that love is manifested through your words.
Laugh, cry, sing, dream … write poetry,
And you will know what it is to live in complete harmony.

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