Poems by Sudarshana Mitra

Poems by Sudarshana Mitra
World of fantasy
People love to be in the World
Of fantasy.
For which they use their words
As tools.
But words must not cross vulgarity
Or dishonour his.. her mother.
May be the baby born with negativity.
So when writes, it’s not perfect.
But every one has liberty to express
A poet don’t expect moral or ethical
Class from other poets.
Criticism in a form of preaching
Is acceptable, but not in the form of
Hi fellow writers cheer up and write
What comes in your mind, except
Hatred harsh nudity and communal
Feelings.. Three most hated subject
To write… Spread love and humanity
See what God created for us.
Take your pen and write on them
World will definitely appreciate
My dream
I dream of our old days
Spending in a different way.
But you left.
In this World, no one beside me.
Eat less as don’t have appetite.
Getting weaker day by day..
Why God take you from me
I cannot forgive HiM.
People say so…
But it was a murder
By the Doctors.
O Lord give me peace.
Our love
No one can imagine how deeply
We were in love.
We need not have to embrace
Nor kiss, or in any love act.
We had a special bonding
When our eyes meet, we know
We know, we are made for each other.
We faced many hard times,
We sort out with understanding..
Thats love. Love never wants..
Love is to give, your heart, promise,
Your loyality…….
Love is holding hands and cross the
Road of hardship, smiling at each other..
Love is a tremendous feeling of joy.
We are in love for years..
When I was thirteen and he was Seventeen….
We had some unfulfilled plan,
But in my mind I repeat those
And feel as if we are in our vacation
This is love.
Sudarshana Mitra©®

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