Jana Orlová (Chekia)

Jana Orlová (Chekia)
Jana Orlová (1986) is a Czech poet and a performer. She published “Čichat oheň” („Sniff the Fire“)with her own illustrations at Pavel Mervart publishing house in 2012 and “Újedě” her second book of poetry at Větrné Mlýny publishing house in 2017. Her works appeared in “Nejlepší české básně” (Best Czech Poems) at Host publishing house. Her poems were translated into Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hindi, Spanish, English and Arabic. She published poetry book in Ukrainian and Romanian in 2019. She treats performance art as living poetry. She gained the “Objev roku 2017” Breakthrough Act Award 2017 at Next Wave Festival for “crossing the boundaries of literature, fine art and theatre naturally and with ease”. She gained the Dardanica Prize in 2020. Her work is to be seen at http://www.janaorlova.cz. She is the chief editor of art and culture column of Polipet.cz.
Solitude is still with me
beautiful, painful
I can caress solitude
in the motionless air
I sense its contures
It is smooth
an empty chair that says:
a moment ago you were alive
The ancient gods are still online
I would like to lie with hops
overgrown in the woods like my fur
in the strained fascia of a clerk
I will measure out my desire for you with steps
torture for the advanced
and I know there’s still time because
the ancient gods are still online
Borderline above me
Lines of sorcery in me
There is my voice on the other side, saying:
“Can you hear me?“
I can hear you, mother?
I can hear you, Death
I can hear you well
I am falling to lift off
My soul is willing
Ceiling is shaking
You are still smoldering inside me

One thought on “Jana Orlová (Chekia)

  1. it’s a very interesting mix of feelings described in her poetry, the image of the hops is evocative. i wonder who translated her into English? i can read Czech though so will check out the publications in the original. thanks for posting

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