Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny
Oh,how I wish you remember
That starry night,
on the ocean shore..
A piano heard,played by a lonely lover..
Angry,like the waves,then soft like before.
Following the tides of our dreams
Living the luster of glowing happiness..
Forgetting moon ,just the wild stream
Of our inner light beam
In wonder wordless..
Delightful dancing of the soft breeze
Tender,caressing as not to disturb..
With the night’s fragrance, to intoxicate
Both lovers,in full ease…
Oh how I wish you remember
Those stolen moments of time..
A path in heaven,like no other
We crossed,then parted like strangers.
This world is made for me and you
I am a mother..connected to earth
Feeling the continuous needs, she urges
From season to season, from cold to warmth..
Craving a droplet of nurturing rain
To hold her seeds,in love obtained..
Breathing air,to offer complete growth
With water,she obtained a healthy view
Of trees recreation, of forests renew..
A mother of all, abounding continuity,
when with water and air,
Bestowing the world,
A human eternity
Fire, ignites the world lights
Sun and sky,illuminate the sight
When the universe, in cold and dark ,scrolls
The needs of fire,answered the call
This world is made for me and you
Among all beauties poetry and flowers
A heavenly gift,every day ,a new
Birds teaching us,to croon altogether….
The golden rays…
How many times I lived in between.
How many roads ,
I crossed.
And once the directions intwined..
Fearing to get lost,
I stopped…
Puzzled between labyrinths of life.
Aren’t we all..sometimes …
Walking in darkness and light
Following my heart,to warmer clime…
The forest of the universe,is getting dense
Thick, shaded with
secrets Inside.
The fear,the uncertainty got intense
While simply we’re looking for peace’s light..
Time is running like grains of sand
Love will pierce with golden Ray’s
Rainbow will clear
Hearts and minds
And like the river,we’ll flow to better days
By Hana.shishiny
(C)all rights reserved

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