Shodiya Sultonova (Uzbekistan)

Shodiya Sultonova (Uzbekistan)
Shodiya Sultonova was born in Yangibozor district, Khorezm region of Uzbekistan in 1979. Her books “The Station of Soul”, “Image of Boredom” “Destination of Happiness” and “My Dearest Parents” were published.
She writes both in poetry and fiction. Her poems included in International Anthologies.
Are you sleeping?
Did the hair of extraneous,
pervade your eyes and face?..
Your love that you depreciated before,
Did you remember her?!
I realize…
You stand up,
While hiding the whoop in the cage of soul,
You wander inside your room,
The bitter smoke of tobacco!
No, it’s not a tobacco’s smoke,
The fumes of the burnt love!
It’s dawning.
The sun sets. Life is passing.
The crown of misery that I am wearing,
I live quietly behind the door,
The black guard called “solitude”.
It follows me wherever I move,
And it impales its spear ceaselessly.
When I went back home closing my door,
The dagger returns to my heart again!..
It’s dawning.
The sun sets. Life is passing.
Days, give me a hope, could I fly?
While surviving in the world of torments,
Could I embrace the world of happiness?!
I waited for a long, so long,
I lived awake in at nights.
While following my heavy hope,
Spring blooms in my hair.
The river of torments on my eyes,
There is a moan on my throat.
My soul gets hurt by its pain,
It’s not a heart but the cactus!
What a pity! The unlucky destiny,
It doesn’t let us to be together.
The last tear became an ice,
Eyelashes wore the robe of hoarfrost.
I waited for a long, so long…

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