During Christmas’ month, I WISH TALK TO YOU JESUS … / By: Susana Roberts

During Christmas’ month, I WISH TALK TO YOU JESUS …
Good morning! my great lord of the prairies, I speak to you in December, I do it every day when I wake up and in every December when I join you with my words. It is known that you were born this month in a manger far away in Bethlehem and a great star appeared in the sky; today the situation is repeated again, yes, at the end of this very hard 2020, and I can guess the believers will be asking you for wishes.
How to explain to you! that this is a very special month due to the origin, the birth of many of my relationships and relatives, and although ancient chronicles doubt of your existence- Islam names you with great vehemence, respect, and in other places too- Claudio Josephus does not name you, and I know that you are the alpha and the omega. What matters really, is your mandate here on earth when you talk about joining different prayers to the same God, I know, you still get angry in the temples, you don’t trust the power and the tributary thieves. About the injustice we feel the same, I love loyalty and I detest betrayals, although, knock after knock, you have helped me to understand the attitude of the “enemy-friend”, it was the only way to discover who I am and why I feel what I feel even if I have to turn the other cheek.
I believe that your great internal fire led you to a rebellion with the necessary urgent ideals of the spirit to spread awareness of who we really are and your suffering was the only way that mortals understood that we are equal and we are brothers. My mother used to say: Jesus was a great politician, and I used look at her in completely amazement, I felt that for some reasons, I thought she was lying to me or was unaware of the light. The same light I saw during my childhood behind the stained glass windows ,through her ñandutí cloak when she kneeling in a church, and although the gospels were read on repetition with an air of sleep and weariness, I loved the psalms. Although they were written long after your existence, I trust in your energy, your light and your guidance. We are all energy, the hug, the kiss is energy, and we missed a lot this time of social isolation. It was a hard test my Jesus and it can help to know after the great pandemic, who to hug, understand and help, although, I believe we will continue to make mistakes and that is why so many things continue to happen to us. We have to learn to connect with the understanding and compassion, I think that, I believe that we emerge from the great universal source, place where we will return when the energy finish, and we are aware of it. I also think that your miracles came from there, from the wise energy that is born from your good actions and thoughts. You great teacher of all ages! you understood the minds of people, you loved their origin and expected the result that is lying in the change, placed at the origin of faith. This year I felt that the waters suddenly opened and you walked over them, like you did in the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias … and like today, from Mount Hermon came the storms that raised great waves and you calmed their fury, Matthew said in 8 : 23-26. One day, thanks to the prevailing destiny in my fire and the ideals of my aquarium, I stepped on those waters and I felt your forces ascend through my feet and there, in that place were my brothers-sisters, the creators of words in the perfect framework of your Art, the art that does not lie, never does it because it is born from the depths of the being, and there behind us, still is the mountain, the same scenario, with the light, your life rose, … and for centuries we were undressed in prayers, those that rise again during this time, this change of era, of free ideals and a rebirth, always, with your hand.
JESUS – Yeshua HaMashiach (IN HEBREW)
My Lord, I am sitting here
in front of the sphere
to bear witness
with the skin of the word
And win, if I can
Between people
the dark power gaps and paranoia
In these times
the lungs of the earth
are drown and there are craftsmen
getting others benefits
you, Yeshua
my sweet, wheat love
you have given me to drink when I was thirsty
to eat when I was hungry
and in silence we speak
so many Christmases
if you can glance
to people, who
invents terror on a large scale
and the diamond water is no longer
there are children
who calculate their universe
in the big computer
and love is robotized
robbing its source
the purity of light
there are no more time
to contemplate the sky
and look for you among galaxies
with so many millions of poor
brothers of this world
pieces of my blood
who suffer and I love so much
today I believe in you Yeshua
as the celestial warrior
ordinary man of the city
destined to draw from the human being
their sorrows and their glories
forever and ever
today, I want to write for you
protests to the bishop
and draw routes
of soft strength
to sing with you
encrypted words to the wind
where atoms blink
endorsing your parables.

copyright-Susana Roberts

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