MY CHEEKY REBEL SHADOW!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
My shadow rebelled with yielding shadows
Oh my heart, while my secret might be broadcast
It would be tired of being estranged with me
Unless it walked the paths with conviction
I moved my head, it didn’t move its head
I jumped, it didn’t jump, it revolted and didn’t obey
I ran far away, it stayed constant in its place
I walked a long distance, it didn’t walk an inch
I tried with my shadow for a long time
I blamed it, showed it too much kindness
But it kept refusing to accompany me
It showed deafness and refused to listen
Everyone was accompanied by his shadow except me
I was suffering from the desertion of my shadow
Everyone was pushing his shadow forward
Encouraging it and bringing it to the arena of conflict
Except me, I was left without shadow and mask
I tried to pull it out of the cruelty of desertion
I tried to call it as the beau calls his sweetheart
I tried to plead with it as the sailor invokes the sail
I vainly tried, but my cheeky shadow sold me in an instant
Oh Lord, I didn’t know how it sold me!!

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