Anna Maria Sprzęczka-Stępień (Poland)

Anna Maria Sprzęczka-Stępień (Poland)
Born in 1980 in Tarnobrzeg (Poland, present Podkarpackie Region). An economist and an English philologist. In 2020, she graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, where she studied specialized translation, postgradually. For over 17 years, a teacher of English and also a translator; she loves her profession. Once, an accountant working for an international company. Now, an editor and an editorial secretary in World Taifas Literary Magazine (Romania), and also an editor and a Polish representative in Anirban International Literary Magazine (Bangladesh). Member of many online international groups of poets and prose writers in Europe and Asia (administrator in Associazione Internazionale Artisti Poeti e Scrittori caffe letterario, Anzio, Italy, since May 2020), as well as World Poetry Movement – Movimiento Poético Mundial. One of the coordinators of the Teerandaz International Festival of Poetry and Fiction (Dhaka, Bangladesh). She is a poet, a blogger, a novice writer (it all started in the autumn 2019).
Anna Maria writes poems, short stories and anecdotes (so far around 53 English poems composed, and 80 Polish ones). Acclaimed worldwide in artistic circles; her poems have been translated into other languages: Bangla, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and published in online groups as well as in foreign magazines (Romania, Israel so far); soon they can also be read in Hindi, Nepalese, Uzbek, among others. Her first book (poetic chronicles*) will be released next year, and her ambition is undertaking doctoral studies in literature translation and linguistics.
Her entire life, Anna lives in a picturesque village of Wrzawy in south-eastern Poland. An avid reader since she was around 5. Poetry has always interested her a lot, since her early childhood. As a person sensitive to the beauty of nature, in her writing she often takes inspiration from what she sees around her. A local patriot, loving her little homeland situated between the Vistula and the San rivers.
You will find nobody on the Earth, I guess
Whose paths are smooth, summer and winter.
Since time immemorial it’s always been like that…
Worries and fears, or something we mull over
No matter small or big we are…
A life test awaits us day in day out.
And there is no one on this Earth
Who is about everything glad
That fate brings them as a gift.
Ups and downs, endless adventures
– the good and bad ones…
And in addition, it will sometimes add
A sack like a rainbow multicoloured
Full of beautiful, of happiness, dreams.
When you realize this fact
Then a prescription for your ills you’ve found:
How to cope, even when
Things don’t want to go your way,
When for you all things go wrong,
Seeing what’s happening around.
So, lift up your heart, your chest ahead,
Sitting or standing, roll your sleeves up,
To work harness your hands and mind.
And don’t think you’re alone, though, probably …
It’s better as a duo, when the second pair of hands,
When two heads,
To work for a brighter tomorrow
Will get with enthusiasm straight away…
In your dreams’ magic power believe,
For you yourself know it best
What dances in your soul, what plays in it!
Or, maybe, you prefer when I tell you this …?
I’m listening to the birds crazy,
Like mad they are singing,
And I’m on the balcony, standing.
The wind’s in my hair playing,
The pond’s shimmering,
In the distance – hills and meadows, and fields.
People are working on the land.
Someone’s riding a bike,
And I don’t believe in my luck!
So warm, because the warm Sun’s rays
Are touching my shoulders gently.
And I’m constantly amazed…
…With beauty of this world
With these things great
As if God himself, from above,
Were smiling at us.
Life is…
Where is the sense?
Where – the truth
– the real love
– the real devotion
– the real respect?
Life and death
The beginning and the end
Joy and sorrow
Always together
Waiting one for another.
So painful
So bitter…
To wake up.

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