The watch / Poem by Jeljli Bechir

Poem by Jeljli Bechir
The watch
Since my childhood
My watch on my hand
I measured the speed of the turtle
I checked the exam dates
At night i put it aside
To escape from the burden of thinking and counting during the day
I have never thought
Its clockwise may look
Like my heart
The little boy sleeps by night
While the watch keeps watching him
Once, i heart a grumy
It knoked..
I opened the watch ‘s door
I found a yellow squeezing heart
I have thought it was broken inside
Yet it was damaged by an envy eye
I remember the time when People used to envy
I couldn’ t believe
That it May happen to my smart golden watch
It opened the door
To snatch the one Who disturbed Its peace
And throw him away
As we throw the scattered coins
I got up on her soft voice
I decided to wear my Black one
They said dark colour displaces bad luck

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