Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
It looked like a pernicious mist
Creeping into the nooks and crannies of my being
Soft clouds of fragrant jasmines
Suspiciously sneaky
Melancholic and dolorous
Heavily laden with damp dreariness
Settling into tree tops of thoughts
Sailing over red roofs of glory
Misty dawns igniting the hills
Silver bells of chirps and trills
Forget the smog and the bills
Look out for those wind mills
Let it shroud your hate n bias
Let it elevate you to be pious
Mist in hills ,full of mystery
Mysticism waiting in its soft folds
Benedictions waiting to uncurl
Swathed in divine puffs of allure
Don’t wait for mists to fade away
Catch the flight to fancy land
Drizzling ,spraying the haze and smoke
Wipe the windshields of your life
Sit on rainbow magic carpets
Cross the fog to Neverland !
Come on now !
Creeping out from
under the skeletons of yesteryears
Shaking off its dead skin
Peeling off the layers of sloth
Emerging from beneath the stoically ripped off robes of yore
The reptilian new year is snaking its way into the chilling blasts of today
I can just open my arms wide like an ageing film hero
And clasp it to my tumultuous bosom
Firmly and steadily
Making no promises of love
For who keeps those
Except the faithful in this era of
Turning the pages in inquisitive glee ?
Copyright Lily Swarn

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