Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
With no hesitation but a veiled gasp,
With no option but a hurried thanks,
I thee welcome to my surviving soul,
I forgive your forgone brother with the dizzy snuggles,
Holding onto BELONGING-NESS, PURPOSE and TRANCEDENCE with STORIES that pave way for healing.
Here’s humanity in a NEW YEAR.
Enter tins banging theorems and deals for flare,
Captive to minds sold to a box now grown to a rectangle,
” Tell-a-vision” the theater spot magnetic fool,
Where after a drill in schools days misinformation,
Fills the air with mundane Laughter of opiate false pretenses,
God is captive to man in doctored boot camps,
Underground future waiting for man-made heaven,
Calculated equations of nature’s capacity and the dispensables,
Slave train hurtling past rights institutions,
Control towers marking the misfits by robbing their fitness,
Wake up to knock this intended discourse now a reality.
Refuse the offered slumber packaged pills
Refuse to refuse to question and ask again and again,
Why nature it’s own regulator now needs a human hand,
Swallow nothing with your eyes closed.
Take no notes against your conciense.
If it walks like a skunk, stinks like a Skunk, it is.
Falsehood however glossed over ,
Will flake and crack with the glare of the sun.
Summing up 2020 is a cup full of teary worries and deadly sorrows,
Aged toppling as youths lose grip of growth and hug resentment,
Corporations have made hefty coins as lesser entities closed shop,
The underbelly of economies global have been exposed,
Anxiety has touched the very core of rulers and leaders,
What’s then for tomorrow as a new year flags it’s ship?
There will be rain, pain, drain and more of the same,
There will be blows,flus,blues and more of the same,
Perhaps a few more earth quakes to shake us further,
Perhaps a fierce war to prove a point among gluttonous goons,
Perhaps more fires to scorch our new found resilience,
Hope must reign because all things end even as all things begin,
So whatever 2020 give and so hurt us,
And whatever 2021 may present to hurt us further,
Resolve to navigate is woven in hearts and soul’s of men,
Goodwill and kind ambition may mitigate lots from old usual greed,
Love and light of heaven may forestall giants of menacing shenanigans.
Hope must reign. Hope must reign.
It’s the only thread left to navigate times unknown,
When tomorrow comes.
©Nancy Ndeke

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