Poems by Ana Toma

Poems by Ana Toma
My Life
I was told that I was born on an early Monday morning.
It was the 4th of July.
Smiling to the world, a few words I spoke.
I was the sixth child,
and no one questioned my gender.
My name was given to me
by the most gorgeous woman on earth,
My grandmother.
I was told that I greeted all the newborn babies
As I walked and talked to all the nurses,
In the emptiest hospital hallways;
somewhere in Albania, a communist country.
I was told that I was in tears when my parents
went to work;
I missed them, so, I slept for long hours
Listening to the news, in radio “ Iliria”.
Grandma’s hug was the warmest feeling
as a child.
Her life stories were like prairies full
of dandelions.
She had so many unanswered wishes,
And knew how to keep me busy.
She taught me how to pray to unknown angels.
One of them was my unknown grandfather.
She told me that he was wise and tall;
Waiting for her to reunite in heaven.
I believed that my life will be different than hers.
I went to school. I studied using my brain and heart.
My favorite subjects were math, science,
literature and foreign languages.
I learned that fall comes after summer,
and after fall, comes the cold winter.
Spring was extremely overrated.
I’ve build great friendships.
Some of them still exists.
A very young man married me.
He promised nothing, but gave me three children.
He drank, smoked and slept around.
He was a man of no morals or dignity.
I lived with him for 20 years.
I immigrated to different countries,
Beautifully spoke foreign languages.
Today I’m older.
After all, I’m the same newborn child
Missing my parents, grandma and home…
Somewhere they have never traveled …
Who said that they have never previously traveled
in to their beautiful souls?
Yet, they know that both can weather any storm.
Who said that they have never once traveled
in to the moonlights?
As yet, the sun goes waltzing with the stars.
Their eyes have a relaxing silence,
longing to be closer, (kissing and making love).
As the moon watches behind dark, gray clouds;
They’re drawn into her beauty, giving each-other
a deep endless tenderness, in every way possible.
Affirming that “ nothing and no one will break apart”.
Who said that they have never traveled
In to their sparkly sun’s-kisses eyes?
The light of their eyes is brighter than any sunshine.
Every-time carved in to their tender passion,
(like touring foreign lands),
Very intense emotions, full of rich seductions,
keep melting…
Their beautiful souls are covered with a nurturing,
warm blanket of affection.
Who said that they have never traveled
in to their kind and warm hearts?
Without doubt they know that both can weaken
and handle any hurricane,
Peacefully fall asleep and wake-up smiling,
Attracted to joyful new beginnings.
How to love her…
Touch her heart slowly with your wisdom,
Gently shake the dust off her fascinating soul,
Chase her through shimmering tunnels
of her dreams,
And let her talk for hours, ‘till she fells asleep…
Watch her asleep. Observe her glowing smile:
She will follow you to the grave…
Dancing and singing. Singing and writing.
Drawing and shaping the edges of her fears…
Thoughtfully cover her memories
with the nightlight of the moon;
Tell her your life stories. Kiss her softly
as you speak…
She will follow you everywhere, my friend;
In any hell, Heaven or exotic galaxy…
©️Ana Toma

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