Lilla Latus (Poland)

Lilla Latus (Poland)
she is poetess, translator, author of reviews, song lyrics, articles about travelling. Many times awarded both for her poetry and engagement in cultural activity for local community. Published nine books of poems. Her poetry has been published in many magazines, online literary pages and anthologies (USA, Australia, India, The Czech Republic, Italy, etc).$
On the edge
I broke a bottle
its sharp edges
look like peaks
of unknown land
I can put them
onto my wrists
and check
the depth of
Until tomorrow
today the air is so bad
all letters sent to the hearty address
are coming back to me
even time
is running away
and as far back as
life made sense with
my hands
is the most beautiful
day of the week
A girl with raindrops in her voice
She used to tell me about Plato and Aristotle.
Her Slavic accent sounded like gravel in the
Rain. Ing,ing, ing…
Feeling a fading shadow around my neck
I see a bright cave paved with desire and
Fear. In her language love and hatred are feminine
Nothing was neuter. Golden mean in motion.
I was Alexander but not great enough to conquer
The furthest reaches of her soul.
Leaving was a move excluding one of
The possible versions of future.
All places of my happiness are taken and create
Gloomy theory of forms.
Sitting in a brown study with blind shutters,
I can hear raindrops searching for a dry land.
Falling, tapping, dying, ing, ing, ing…

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