ADDICTION / Poem by Timothy PAYTON

Poem by Timothy PAYTON
I will pull you down into a personal hell,
Make you suffer mentally and physically…
Into where your spirituality to dwells,
Take your esteem away, Numb your soul,
Change your character, turn you so cold,
Put you in a prison of pain, shackle you inside,
I create a bond with you…
That’s unbreakable until you die,
I will make you lie, steal, deceive and manipulate…
Make you untrusting, you become a hot stake,
While I’ll lower your standards…
I’ll take your dreams…
Keep you up all night, hurting!!!
While inside screaming!!!
You cannot sleep without me,
sometimes you won’t awake…
I make it heavy on you,
that you just might break,
I make you so self-absorbed,
Reclusive as can be,
The only way out is death…
Because you’re tired of living;
All you can think of is the hunger,
That you must feed, my name is “craving”
Keeping me good is great!!!
But never enough is in the making,
I’m a plague, a epidemic,
overwhelming is where I stay,
With you all your life, yet I can be contained,
I will take away your loved ones,
things you love…
On the inside I Decay you…
and fit your body like a glove,
I Leave You Restless, nervous, agitated and irritable,
Everybody in thing,
Makes you uncomfortable and critical,
I will confuse you,
leave you depressed and negative,
Fearful, paranoid,
make you hate yourself and body so vacant,
Make you guilty and remorseful,
Making sure I will last…
Especially on your actions,
you done in the past…
and never let go,
I make you feel sorry for yourself,
And blame everything on the way things are in your life except on the Cravings I bring,
I leave you angry and hateful towards everything in this world,
For everything I bring in, remember You Begin by bringing me in…
This is how I’m started,
your addiction my friend.

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