Ekaterini Vlachopanagiotou Batalia (Greece)

Ekaterini Vlachopanagiotou Batalia (Greece)
President of International Society of Greek Writers and Artists
She was born in Litochoro, Pieria, where she received her first letters. He finished Secondary Education in Thessaloniki. In 1974 she graduated from the Panteion School of Political Science and in 1990 from the Pedagogical Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He works as a Classroom Economist, a member of the UN, Ph.D. D. E. T. in Byzantine Humanism. She is the mother of two childrens. He was Vice President of the International Society of Greek Writers (D.E.L.) and the International Academy of Letters & Arts “THEA ATHENS”. He served also from the position of General Secretary of Letters, Arts, Culture through the great work of the two organizations from 1993 to November 2019, when he was elected President of the International Society of Greek Writers. He contributed greatly, with the president Chrysoula Varveri – Varra, in the organization and with full success of the 1st International Literature and Painting Competition, proposing the registered name of “MELINEIA TROPAIA” 1996.
He studied and presented great writers such as: Seferis, Elytis, N. Vrettakos and many contemporary writers and poets. In 2007 he presented in the Book Gallery “7 ode to Heaven” by the Writer Poet El-Kris (Kostas Kartsakis – Dodoni Publications). Her speech was honored with the BRETTAKIO ’96 award of D.E.E.L
She participated with excerpts of her work in the International Exhibition of Frankfurt in 2001. She participates with an introductory text in the two Anthologies of DEEL “Letters-Arts-Culture” 1997 and “Panathinaea 2004”. He has been honored with the JOCARLOS GASPAR- “UM POETA DE CAXIAS 2006” diploma and with the RIO DE JANEIRO-SEGURANCA PUBLIKA 2006 diploma ”. Speeches were delivered at the Annual Poetry Events at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens for twenty-seven years, contributing to the organization of the President and Founders Chr. Barberi – Barra. In 2007 she represented her at the International Festival on Lake Qinghai in China to honor the long tradition of poetry, to cultivate the exchange of cultures and dialogue between poets from all over the world and the subject was: “Man and nature in a harmonious world”.
Her published works are:
– “Critique of existing regional development incentives in Greece and the provincial industry”
– “The concept of classical works”
– “The story of the number”
– “The epic of Digenes Akritas. Folk poetry”
– “Historical background of music” –
– “The Carnival and its customs in Greece”
– “Searching for peaceful coexistence with ourselves”
– “The contribution of the fairy tale to the ethno plastic education of the child”
– “The struggle with ourselves”
– “Become a hero” etc.
From now on, from the position of President of the International Society of Greek Writers (and Artists), he has been working hard to promote the exchange between different cultures of the world, so as to further the cause of world peace and the development of humanity.
Passenger of the earth
I travel the universe
and I go back in circles
Chartered ship
from to time the earth revolves
and fare, people,
on the ground where do they go?
recipient the death …
and the fare is dead.
Loaded ship is the round earth
and it turns
and the pilot invisible
does it keep going
but where is it going?
with unknown laws
in astral corridors he rules
and from the sun the road
for light every day passes.
Servant of the earth
on the blanket
I turn and time I fear
and count cycles,
until fare dead to take me.
Loaded ship
is the round earth
and the ballasts are full
by masses of people,
Sarcophagi of death
and life secrets.
Επιβάτης της γης
ταξιδεύω στο σύμπαν
και σε κύκλους γυρνώ
ναυλωμένο καράβι
απ’ το χρόνο η γη τριγυρνάει
και το ναύλο, οι άνθρωποι,
στοιβαγμένοι στη γη πού τους πάει;
παραλήπτης ο θάνατος…
και το ναύλο νεκρό καρτεράει.
Φορτωμένο καράβι
είναι η στρογγυλή γη και γυρνάει
και ο πιλότος αόρατος
την πορεία κρατά μα πού πάει;
μ’ άγνωστους νόμους
σ’ αστρικούς διαδρόμους κυβερνάει
και απ’ του ήλιου το δρόμο
για φως κάθε μέρα περνάει.
Υπηρέτης της γης
στην κουβέρτα γυρνώ
και το χρόνο φοβάμαι
και τους κύκλους μετρώ,
ώσπου ναύλο νεκρό να με πάνε.
Φορτωμένο καράβι
είναι η στρογγυλή γη
και τα έρμα γεμάτα
από μάζες ανθρώπων,
σαρκοφάγους θανάτου
και ζωής μυστικά.
In the journey of your life,
you are looking for Ithaca once you stumble
– once you fall – once you challenge the road
and you go up – you go down
and you go down and you go in
in the mind the paths that lead to nowhere… ..
You want strength to get from the surrounding company.
But it is not that you do not know, it is out of helplessness!
You set goals, you try, your goal to achieve,
but immediately at the turn, it fades and you are confused.
In Ithaca you dare, everyone will beat you
and in your thought, a thousand dreams awaken.
They are tempting, they seduce your structure,
they promise you a lot and define your life.
In Ithaca of their minds
Those who find a return
They have made the journey to seem real!
Στο ταξίδι της ζωής σου, την Ιθάκη αναζητείς
μια σκοντάφτεις- μία πέφτεις- μια το δρόμο αμφισβητείς
και ανεβαίνεις – κατεβαίνεις και κατρακυλάς και μπαίνεις
στου μυαλού τα μονοπάτια που οδηγούν στο πουθενά…..
Δύναμη να πάρεις θέλεις απ την γύρω συντροφιά
Μα δεν είναι που δεν ξέρεις, είναι από ανημποριά!
Βάζεις στόχους, προσπαθείς, το σκοπό σου να πετύχεις,
μα αμέσως στη στροφή, ξεθωριάζει και σαστίζεις.
Στην Ιθάκη σου θαρρείς, όλοι θα σε καρτερούνε
και στην σκέψη σου αυτή, χίλια όνειρα ξυπνούνε.
Είναι δελεαστικά, σαγηνεύουν τη δομή σου,
σου υπόσχονται πολλά και ορίζουν την ζωή σου.
Στην Ιθάκη του μυαλού τους
Όσοι βρίσκουν γυρισμό
Έχουν κάνει το ταξίδι
να φαντάζει αληθινό!
so simply
I want to say something simple, simple for day to day
Good morning to the neighbor, fare well to the traveler,
to the sick, to say courage, to give way to rage,
to make them all smile to wink at the good comes.
I want to say something simple, simple for day to day
To love to say pass, to war to say away
To greet the sky, to say good night to the stars,
The moaning in the sea, I mean with the good.
I want mother, out of habit to sell the truth
Everyone should buy it and put it at home
I want, my mother, to say something simple, very simple
I want to see my life, mother, face to face
Peace, love, compassion in life
I want all people on earth to have it
and so just, for good morning, let them tell me one day
you know, so simply, love rules.
Something so simple, love rule
Θέλω να πω κάτι απλό , απλό και καθημερινό
στον γείτονα μια καλημέρα, στον ταξιδιώτη ώρα καλή ,
στον άρρωστο να πω κουράγιο , να δώσω τόπο στην οργή ,
όλους να τους χαμογελάσω, να γνέψω στο καλό να ρθει .
Θέλω να πω κάτι απλό και απλό και καθημερινό
στον έρωτα να πω περάστε , στον πόλεμο να πω μακριά,
τον ουρανό να χαιρετήσω, στ΄ άστρα να πω καλή νυχτιά
στης θάλασσας το μουγκρητό , θέλω να πω με το καλό.
Θέλω μάνα από συνήθεια να πουλάνε την αλήθεια ,
όλοι να την αγοράζουν και στο σπίτι να την βάζουν
Θέλω μάνα μου να πω κάτι απλό , πολύ απλό
θέλω την ζωή μου μάνα, καταπρόσωπο να δω.
Την γαλήνη , την αγάπη , την συμπόνια στη ζωή ,
θέλω να την αποκτάνε όλοι οι άνθρωποι στη γη
και έτσι απλά για καλημέρα, ας μου πούνε κάποια μέρα ,
ξέρεις κάτι έτσι απλά , η αγάπη κυβερνά.

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